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Because the ads are placed in the content well of the site, consumers are more likely to engage with them.Users also engage and spend an average of 80 seconds with each article.
With Digital Access's native advertising you don't have to choose between user experience and making money.
We promote engaging content with stories users want to read without changing the form and function of your website.

Native advertising

Digital Access is the pioneer in a new native advertising concept: brand content served within publisher editorial streams, matched to the look and feel of each publication, fully integrated and consumed on the publisher site, across screens to deliver higher engagement rates for advertisers,better monetization for publishers and No interruptive experience for consumers.

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Ligatus Products

Ligatus Native Solutions are integrated into Europe’s largest premium websites. With 27 billion ad impressions per month, and a reach that can meet 75% of the local audience, Ligatus is a guarantee of power and brand safety. Unrivaled network. Guaranteed quality.Meet all your performance objectives with Ligatus.