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Publishers Monetization

Programmatic Ads : Monetize your site with Digital Access

As programmatic advertising continues to grow, so does the confusion regarding how it actually works. It’s no wonder – with SSPs, DSPs, ad exchanges and trading desks all working together to serve ads in an RTB environment, it is easy to lose sight on how all the pieces fit together.

As a publisher, how do you monetize your unsold inventory today? How do you maximize your revenue if you can't access the various SSP and exchange marketplaces ?

Digital Accesss wants to make it easier for you and help you to increase your inventory's yield by providing you the latest solutions for advertising on the Internet in the region. We are the unique Agency from the region who is working on 3 SSPs at the same time: Appnexus, Rubicon and Google Adex, and we give you access to all of them!

How We Do It?

Programmatic Media Buying

At Digital Access, we understand that advertisers need flexibility in the way they buy media.Digital Access helps advertisers and brands to buy inventory in different ways, based on what they want to achieve.

Programmatic Media Selling

By giving us your unsold inventory we will manage to place theme in the world wide market place where we will be available to sell theme for higher price with RTB (Real Time Bidding) or in direct deal for fixed CPM price.

Real Time Bidding

Our system optimizes campaigns to achieve the highest possible ROI. With our RTB technology we ensure you the best possible ad placements based on optimal price and location.The more you bid, the more likely you will get a specific impression, just like a normal auction.

Our Solution
SSPs Access

As privileged partner of Mena Market Place (MMP), we are able to use the Rubicon Sell- Side Platform to make your inventory available on international and local media exchanges. But not only! With Appnexus and Google Adex, We are the only ones to offer access to multiple Sell­Side Platforms in Middle East and also the only ones to have a marketplace for Programmatic in AFRICA

Our Expertise:

  • Real Time control and management of selling inventory.
  • Online communications strategies
  • Programmatic Ad Solutions
  • Detailed Reproting

If you want clear, honest and tangible results online with the opportunity to learn how they’re achieved then get in touch now to see how we can help,please contact us