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Video Advertising – Demand and Supply

Video is everywhere!

Video consumption is being consumed at record pace. Audiences have adapted to new viewing behaviors across multiple devices whether it be mobile, desktop or TV. Multidevice video viewing is a rapidly growing trend and we have the targeting to drive performance.
Digital Access offers their partners various engaging video formats to interact with the right audience, to deliver the right performance and on the right device.

For Publishers

vide publisher
Display advertising has become overwhelmingly competitive with rates dropping and KPI’s becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Monetize your inventory with higher eCPMs by running video ads on any mobile app, web or desktop display placement.
With video in place of your display ads we can monetize your inventory with captivating sounds, imagery and motion to generate more revenue for your site or app.

In-stream and out-stream

In-stream Video Ads: Target the right audience with content and powerful messaging.

Out-stream video Ads: Engage with our audience outstream of the content. Create the branding and generate the performance you demand.

For Advertisers



Reach Millions of engaged users across our ComScore premium site list
Reach hundreds of millions across our exchange site list
Pinpoint targeting
KPI driven Campaign Managers
High Engagement video placements
VAST and VPAID Compliant



  • Automotive
  • Broadcast
  • Business
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • News
  • Science and Technology
  • Shopping/Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Weather